Monday, January 31, 2011

Kimberlyn's Birthday Card

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Perfect Weekend at Home

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful weekend.....Friday and Saturday were perfect for some pretty fall pictures....of course I had to pay Zaid, the little entrepreneur. The more I think about it, the more he does remind me of my sister Tanya. As a child, I would have gladly gone outside for some pictures. It would have been World War 2 to get Tan out there and in the end my parents would have had to pay her. Strange that a child that lives so far from his Aunt can act so much like's a good thing I love her or it might pose a problem. We all played basketball, Tamer lost his wedding ring in the leaves and the FOUND it the next day, we watched UP! (a tear jerker), played in the leaves, took walks, cooked at home and just generally had a relaxing and fun weekend.
Zaid has one of his best friends over on Saturday. They had not had a play date in awhile. I couldn't help but to watch them as they interacted with each other. These two look like they will be friends for a long time.....

Friday, October 23, 2009

Autumn in Kentucky

My Mom, Step Dad, and sisters Tanya and Ashley came for a visit in October. It was wonderful getting to spend so much time with everyone. Each morning, my sister Tanya would make homemade biscuits and Zaid would help her. He loves his Nana, except for now she is called Aunt Tanya because well, as Zaid anaylzes: that is her name!
No trip would be complete without a trip to Jackson's Orchard during their fall festival. It was a cold, cold day but everyone seemed to keep warm enough! Except for maybe Tamer, he had forgotten his jacket. We had a yummy lunch of hot dogs, chips and hot apple cider. Jackson's has the best apple pies with ice cream and caramel apples for dessert. A visit inside the store produced the most delcious apples! Afterwards a hayride and a trip to the apple cider slide made our trip complete!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

1st Day of 3rd Grade

Last Wednesday, my sweet little baby started the 3rd Grade. :-(
He said his teacher was really nice and he enjoyed the first day. The teacher brought them pepperoni and crackers. He talked about that a lot. :-)

This is his last year in this school. So therefore, he's the biggest fish in this pond this year. He's got this covered!!!!! ;-)

Chateau Elan

Tamer's parents live really close to Chateau Elan ~ a winery. We decided to go on the tour this year. I thought it was just a wine tasting, no ~ no, it was a ONE hour tour of the winery! :-) What then to do with all this knowledge of the winery and wine making?

I think that Paddy's looks like a perfect little place to hang out on a Friday night. Too bad we don't live closer. :-(